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From the minute book of the Largs Thistle Club

Thanks to Sarah Goldie of the Largs Thistle Curling Club for contributing this extract from an old club minute book. She says, "I thought it too interesting to have hidden away."

From the Minute Book of the Largs Thistle Curling Club, March 15, 1886.

On the evening of March 15th and morning of the 16th A Grand Moonlight Bonspiel took place on the Hill Pond. The game was got up by a few of our younger and more active members, among whom were Messrs John Orr, John Hills, Malcolm Jnr, and Alex Houston, who began and carried out one of the most rare and successful curling bonspiels ever played on the Hill Pond. The game was announced to begin at half past eight o'clock, but before the players (some of whom came from Glasgow) were all up, and drawings and other arrangements made, it was some time after nine o'clock.

A fine moonlight night, with occasional clouds. A slight fall of snow for a time, after the game commenced. It kept on freezing during the entire game. The ice was pretty keen, and on the whole fairly good, only a little biased.

The game was one of 17 ends. After playing 8 or 9 ends we adjourned to the curling house to partake of a really sumptuous supper. Prepared by our worthy and able steward, George Tyre (Than whom I no of no one more able to cook or serve a supper). After doing full justice to the good things set before us, which consisted of several courses, we again repaired to the ice and finished our game. Shortly before one o'clock on the morning of Tuesday 16th March, 1886, thus finished one of the most ensociable and certainly the most memorable games at curling which we have on record all arriving home between one and two o'clock. Tired and in good humour.

I may mention here that there was a large turnout of spectators, between one and two hundred of both sexes, old and young.

Partly on account of the match being a Moonlight (and Lantern) one but chiefly on account of the advance of time of the Season, I have thought it right to take special notice of it in the Minute Book of the Club.

3 rinks, 24 players, 17 ends

No 1 Alexander Hill (16) played against No 2 George Barclay (12)
No 3 Alexander Houston (10) played against No 4 William Moodie (17)
No 5 John Morris (15) played against No 6 John Orr (13)

John Orr, Secy

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