Tuesday, March 21, 2017

More from 1979. To see ourselves ... as others see us

I wrote recently about the Royal Bank Ladies World Curling Championship in 1979 (the first world women's championship, see here) and noted that the programme contained two pages with a montage of cartoons entitled 'To see ourselves ... as others see us'. I rather liked these, and, as they are not well known, I've extracted them to reproduce here.

 Who drew these? I don't know.  The signature looks like A. I 79. Can anyone identify the artist? 

It raises a smile to see these now, and I hope no-one is offended by them. It is important to remember that just thirty-some years ago, there were many in the media and in the general populace making disparaging comments about curling. Women's curling especially was seen as something of a joke. How things have changed!

But it seems that back in 1979 when the programme was being put together before the event itself got underway, the women on the Scottish organising committee were happy to poke fun at themselves in this way, and they were very aware of how (some) others saw them!

I wonder if all the foreign competitors and visitors appreciated the Scottish sense of humour!

Did the artist have someone specific in mind when drawing the figures!

OK, so one figure is sweeping, but what's the other doing?

I'm not quite sure I understand this one! Surely you are not 'satisfied' if your opposition throws one through the house?

We've all been here!

There's a hidden meaning here, I'm sure!

 How things have changed.

Optimism, indeed!

No throwing brushes into the air back in 1979.

And a nod to the even more distant past!

The images have all been scanned from the event programme.

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