Wednesday, February 21, 2018

When Pingu went curling

Did you know that Pingu went curling in January 1991 with his friend Robby the Seal? The episode was called 'Pingu's Curling Party'. The five minute animation was one of the episodes in Series 2 of Pingu's exploits. You can watch a remastered version on YouTube here, the highlight of which (for me) is Robby sweeping. Top marks to the designer here!

Who was Pingu? He is the lead character of the animations, 'a typically playful, sometimes naughty, little boy penguin', created by Otmar Gutmann originally for Swiss Television. Pingu became a worldwide hit (see here). Before the Web, you could buy the episodes for viewing at home, originally on VHS tape, and later on DVD. And yes, I do have a copy of the DVD in my curling library!

IMDB's plot summary for 'Pingu's Curling Party' states, "Pingu and Robby are curling. Pingu is using Father's bed bottle as a curling stone, but there is small mishap. The neighbour, who has had his reading interrupted, wants to show the two troublemakers how it is done. But to the amusement of the two youngsters, it turns out that the adults can't do any better themselves."

This article is dedicated to all GB curling fans watching the 2018 Olympic Winter Games, and who may be needing something to relieve the stress! Image are screenshots from Pingu's Curling Party.

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