Friday, January 04, 2019

The Curling Image Project (Week 18)

CIP-120. England's representatives at the 1992 European Championships at Perth. L-R: Sally Gray, Sarah Johnston, Janice Manson, Alison Bowman and Pam Wright. The English squad qualified to play in the 1993 World Championship in Geneva, after a rather complicated procedure at Perth. In their section they played the other three teams (France, Netherlands, Bulgaria) twice and then won a semifinal against Austria and final against Italy. (6x4in print, by Willie Kemp.)

CIP-121. This is Jerry Edwardson with the Johnnie Walker Gold Plate, his Canadian rink having won the 1975 Johnnie Walker Highland Week at Aviemore. Forty rinks from ten countries took part. The Canadians beat Eric Brown's local side in the final. I don't have the names of the Edwardson team, one of whom is sporting a rink rat! Anyone? (8x7.25in print, by Pavel Satny, Photographer, Aviemore.)

CIP-122. Lots of seats to fill at the opening ceremony of the Hexagon World Curling Championship in Vancouver's huge BC Place in March, 1987. (7x5in print, Bob Cowan.)

CIP-123. Let's get into the New Year with some more pix from the Hexagon World Curling Championship in Vancouver in 1987. Here is Jim Vukich, skip of the USA team. Vukich, Ron Sharpe, George Pepelnjak and Gary Joraanstad just missed the semifinals, finishing the round-robin with a 5-4 record, and losing a tie-breaker to Germany. (From a 35mm transparency, photographer unknown.)

CIP-124. One of my favourite curlers, Norway's Eigil Ramsfjell, whose name I always had to spell out clearly and slowly for the copytakers at the paper when reporting on his Norway team over the years. In 1987, at the Hexagon World Championship in Vancouver, Ramsfjell, with Sjur Loen, Morten Søgaard and Bo Bakke, lost to Germany in the semifinals, but beat Denmark in the game for the bronze medals. (From a 35mm transparency, photographer unknown.)

CIP-125. The Canadian team at the 1987 Hexagon World Curling Championship was skipped by Russ Howard (above) with Glenn Howard, Tim Belcourt and Kent Carstairs. They won the Championship. More photos from the final later. (From a 35mm transparency, photographer unknown.)

CIP-126. Göran Roxin, Claes Roxin, Björn Roxin and Lars-Eric Roxin were the Swedish representatives at the Hexagon World Curling Championship at Vancouver in 1987. Here, Goran delivers. The Swedish team finished with a 4-5 win-loss record. (From a 35mm transparency, photographer unknown.)

More photos from the 1987 batch of slides to come in the future. Photos are as credited where the photographer is known. Check the archive (on the right) for previous Curling Image Project posts.

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