Friday, January 25, 2019

The Curling Image Project (Week 21)

CIP-141. In 1970, the incoming Canadian tourists lost the Strathcona Cup but 'won all hearts' during their four-week programme. Here, at the Haymarket rink, are some of the visitors surrounding George Crabbie (Captain of the Midlothian Province team). L-R: Bob Arseneau, Ron Collette, Bill Thompson, Doc Campbell (the Canadian Tour Captain), John Eccles, Ken McKenzie, Bill Meyer, Collie Campbell, Bob Galloway, Randy Shedd and Frank Hastings. (8x6in print, Scotsman Publications.)

CIP-142. A moment from the final of the 1982 European Curling Championships at Kirkcaldy.
Scotland (Mike Hay, David Hay, David Smith, Russell Keiller) v Germany (Keith Wendorf, Hans Dieter Kiesel, Sven Saile, Heiner Martin). David Hay sweeps a German stone out of the house, encouraged by his skip, Mike Hay, as the German team watches on. Scotland won the game 6-5, to take the championship. (8x6in print, by William Hill, Press Photographer, Pittenweem, Fife.)

CIP-143. Everyone who has ever won a 'cup' is under pressure to fill it. Here's evidence of that actually happening. L-R: Anita Duncan, Jack Brown (skip), Mabel Christie and Kathy Kerr of the Fochabers CC had won the Christie Cup, a club competition, and were no doubt about to pass the trophy around! (8x6in print, photographer unknown.)

CIP-144. It's a scene, I think, from the World Junior Curling Championships at Portage la Prairie in 1990. The photographer has caught three of the Scottish women's team in what can best be described as a 'caption competition'. Laura Scott, on the right, has turned away and is thinking, "I've absolutely no idea what Kirsty (Addison) and Joanna (Pegg) are talking about, and I'm certainly not going to ask." Other captions are available. (8x5in print, photographer not stated, but probably Michael Burns.)

CIP-145. Significant this one. The Inverness rink was the first to host a weekend invitation for Scotland's competitive women curlers in 1981. Previously there had been nothing to compete in if you worked or studied during the week. The Sylko Supreme Ladies Invitation Curling Competition was won for the first time by the Beth Lindsay team. Back L-R: Graham Bradley, Chairman of Sylko, Helen Burton, Beth Lindsay, Kathleen Clark, presenting the Kathleen Clark trophy, George Crawford, Scottish sales manager for Sylko. Front: Carolyn Hibberd and Alison Brown. (6x7in print, photographer not stated.)

CIP-146. L-R: Hammy McMillan, Norman Brown, Mike Hay and Roger McIntyre, having won the Bull Trophy at Grindelwald, in 1995. The winning team did not have to take the animal home, and someone, I'm sure, will be able to explain what happened to the winners' prize! (6x4in print, by Ernst Schudel.)

CIP-147. Mrs T Donaldson, perhaps of Drummond Castle CC, throws the first stone of a new season at the Central Scotland Ice Rink, Perth, in September, 1956. Note the skating on the end ice, behind. She is playing off a hack, set in front of the crampit, and is adhering to the rules of the time which stated that the stone had to be released from the hand before it crossed the tee. Note that the house is not painted, and, assuming the outermost circle is indeed at six foot radius, the inner circles seem to be marked at one foot, three foot and five foot! (8x6in print, Star Photos, Perth.)

Photos are credited where the photographer is known. Check the archive (on the right) for previous Curling Image Project posts.

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