Friday, January 11, 2019

The Curling Image Project (Week 19)

CIP-127. Brian Alderman directs, and the Davie Porteous team also watches the progress of the shot from skip Graeme Adam, at the Lockerbie Invitation competition in 1978. In the photo from front to back behind Brian are Leslie Robertson, Willie Halliday, Davie Porteous and Bob Carruthers. It's not a posed photograph, but newcomers to the sport should note that such enthusiasm to see what is happening is no longer approved! Great image though. #fancypants. (7x5in print, perhaps by Sandy Smith.)

CIP-128. The John Fyfe East of Scotland Ladies Open Curling Championship was held March 5-9, 1990, at Gogar Park. John Hume, the Managing Director of John Fyfe Ltd, presents the Low Road Champions. L-R: Margaret Mauchline, Glenda Barrowman, Johan Steele and Irene Hird. This photo is another in the series 'interesting prizes'. These were silver grey Kemnay granite clocks! The Kemnay quarry was opened by John Fife in 1830. (9.25x6.5in print, photographer not stated.)

CIP-129. Leslie Ingram-Brown, the RCCC President, with the winners of the Scottish Mixed Curling Championship at Aberdeen in 1996. L-R: Brian Binnie (skip), Claire Milne, Duncan Bertram and Alison Binnie. Brian's team beat Neil Wilson, Lorna Rettig, Brian Smith and Sandra Hynd in the final. (8x6in print, photographer not recorded.)

CIP-130. A wonderful photo of play on outside ice! I suspect this is a bonspiel on Stormont Loch in February 1969, but I have no further details. I've seen this photo in print somewhere, but cannot find the reference. (8x6in print, D Wilson Laing and Co, Blairgowrie.)

CIP-131. This looks like a simple 'presentation' photo. But I was intrigued when I found that it was published in the September 1961 Scottish Curler with the caption, "This picture was taken at Interlaken, Switzerland, on 1st August. The curlers played on Poly-ice, a new kind of artificial ice. Interlaken is the only centre in Switzerland to use this new type of ice. L-R: Mr Bettoli, Mr Hess, Henry Balmer, Mr Bollman (skip), Mr Urfen, two ladies from Flims CC, Mrs Buhler and the Icemaster Mr Argarter." So I think the first question has to be, what was 'Poly-ice'? It is likely to have been an early form of synthetic ice, see here. I'm wondering if these are regular stones, or have been modified in some way. Further research is definitely required. (7x5in print, by H Heiniger.)

CIP-132. Lockhart Steele and Graeme Adam both appear to be 'thoughtful' in this photo from the 1982 Edinburgh International at the Murrayfield rink. Other captions are welcome! (6.5x8.5in print, by Norman Wilson.)

CIP-133. A Hutchesons' Grammar School team won the Scottish Schools Championship which was held at Dundee in 1974. L-R: Charles Wighton, Bank of Scotland, Willie Jamieson, Keith Douglas, Sir Alastair Blair, Director of the Bank of Scotland, Ken Horton (skip) and Graham Govan. (10x8in print, by Ron Gazzard.)

All photographers are credited when they are known. Check the archive (on the right) for previous Curling Image Project posts.

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